Practical C++ Programming

In the academic year 2015-2016, ESET will launch a series of lectures and practical classes at FIIT STU, where its software engineers will explain as well as show the important matters for writing larger software applications. Together, you will go through techniques and rules for the development of a functional as well as effective, readable, long-term maintainable and expandable code. The examples and demonstrations of techniques to avoid future problems, fast recognition of general errors as well as methods of using less code to do more will be included, too. First of all, you will learn the general program structures and essentials of C++. Later, you will start working with simpler Windows API functionalities, threads and 3rd party libraries. We will use modern development environment (Visual Studio) and tools such as Procmon, WinDbg, Git and JIRA .

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to cover each topic extensively, however, you will receive information necessary for the purpose of creation, testing and tuning of an application that you will create during the two terms. In case of successful completion, ESET may even include such application or its part into its portfolio. Whether that will happen, it will depend on the group’s abilities and enthusiasm during practical classes as well as free time. For development, the agile Scrum framework will be used. Some lectures will also be attended by other ESET specialists such as product managers, testers and analysts.

Apart from gaining practical skills, you will be able to take at least a small peep at what you can expect after taking up an employment.


Minimum knowledge required for successful completion:

The above mentioned knowledge does not need to be related to C++ only but to other programming languages, too.

Time and Place:

In summer term 2015/2016, practical classes are held at FIIT STU in ESET Lab (4.46) starting at 5:00 PM on 16 February (Tuesday) 2016.

The lectures will take place in the Small Assembly Room of FIIT STU every Thursday at 5:00 PM and will last approximately 2 hours. Practical classes will take place in ESET Lab (4.46) every Tuesday at 5:00 PM.


Mgr. Peter Koscelanský
Software Engineer III, Windows Client Applications Department, ESET

Professional Guarantee:

Ing. Vladimír Hudek
Head of Windows Client Applications Department, ESET